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The future is independent
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Welcome to LCJ Pictures – your niche for tangible movie magic. We get it, there's something special about holding a piece of cinema history in your hands. That's why we're all about bringing you exclusive Blu-ray editions that aren’t just movies, but collectible experiences.

Massacre Video: Dive headfirst into the obscure and extraordinary. Since we kicked things off in 2012, we’ve been the curators of the quirky, the oddballs of cinema – from spine-tingling horror flicks to gritty cult classics. Our carefully picked catalog isn't just about the films; it's about celebrating the fearless spirit of independent cinema. Get ready to meet the outrageous, the bizarre, and the unapologetic – films like "555" and "Men Behind the Sun" are just the beginning. Whether it's the controversial "Black Devil Doll from Hell" or the poignant "TFW NO GF," our collection invites you to explore the less-traveled corridors of the film world.

Play Nice Presents: “Alex's War”
In collaboration with Play Nice, we're thrilled to bring you "Alex's War," a compelling documentary that peels back the layers of the infamous Alex Jones. Directed by the insightful Alex Lee Moyer, this film ventures beyond the caricature to present a nuanced human study that’s as provocative as it is enlightening.

Encode Productions: "Death Athletic: A Dissident Architecture"
In partnership with Encode Productions, LCJ Pictures is proud to showcase "Death Athletic: A Dissident Architecture." This incisive documentary, crafted by Jessica Solce, takes you deep into the entangled web of Cody Wilson's advocacy, personal battles, and the explosive growth of the 3D gun community. It's a film that examines the stark realities of digital freedom and the implications of sharing gun-making code, all through the lens of a seven-year narrative journey. "Death Athletic" presents a timely exploration of the pressing issues at the heart of technology, privacy, and the First Amendment.

So, whether you’re looking to expand your horizons with thought-provoking documentaries or dive deep into the world of cult cinema, LCJ Pictures is your gateway to an eclectic Blu-ray collection. With films that engage, challenge, and resonate, we invite you to own a slice of cinema that keeps the conversation going long after the credits roll.
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Got some cinematic treasures on 16mm or 35mm that need a little TLC? You've come to the right place. At LCJ Pictures, we're all about giving your beloved film the comeback it deserves. It's not just a restoration; it's a revival.

Our post-production team is a bunch of wizards when it comes to color correction and restoration. We take those faded colors that carry decades of stories and jazz them up to their original glory — and then some. Scratches? Dust? We handle them with the care of an art conservator, so every frame from your project is as crisp as the day it was shot.

And let's talk about HDR — because who doesn't love visuals that pop off the screen? Our HDR color services are like a time machine that takes your footage to the next level of wow. We're talking contrast that zings and details that sing, all wrapped up in an experience that'll have viewers glued to the screen.

Disc authoring is another ace up our sleeve. Whether you’re after DVD, Blu-ray, or the stellar UHD, we craft discs that aren’t just carriers of your film — they’re ambassadors of it. Retail, archives, or collector editions — you name it, we make it shine.

At LCJ Pictures, we treat your project like it's our own, with all the care, expertise, and enthusiasm it deserves. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Ready to see your film in a new light? Drop us a line, and let's start this reel-to-reel journey together.
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